Why Choose Fenix Group?

Choosing the most appropriate care options for a loved one with a developmental disability can be overwhelming. Fenix Group understand the decisions you face on a daily basis, and we are committed to providing superior services and programs. Truly, we want you to find the facility that is best for you or your loved one, even if it’s not with us. We’ve put together a short guide on picking the best program to make your choice a little easier.

Where to start

Your loved one’s doctor, social worker, or case manager is the best person to start the discussion about the type of services needed. Ask for a list of area care centers offering those services, and ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors and your church. Call the centers on your list and speak with their directors of admissions to ask questions and schedule tours.

Take a tour

When you tour a facility, ask for introductions with the heads of departments and administrators. Save questions about costs until the tour ends and you are able to discuss the matter with the admissions director. Price considerations make more sense once you’ve seen what the facility has to offer. Bring a notebook – this is especially helpful when you need to compare programs and different facilities. Note any likes or concerns, details pointed out on the tour, or observations you have.

Use your senses during tours. Ask yourself questions as you go along.

  • Look for well-maintained buildings and grounds. Note the overall cleanliness and cheer of interior spaces. See how the staff and clients interact.
  • Check to see how food is handled, if it’s tasty and fresh, and how meals and snacks are served.
  • The center won’t smell like home, but be aware of unpleasant odors and ask how accidents are addressed.
  • Pay attention to how the air feels, the condition of the furniture, and other details.
  • Ask yourself how the clients and staff speak to each other or interact. When questions are happily answered, clients seem happy, and the overall tone is pleasant, you’re on the right track.

Making the Decision

Consider everything you experienced during your initial contact, on your tour, and from your observations. Check your notes; compare the benefits, services, and amenities that each facility has to offer; and consider the financial information. You’ll also want to think about the building location, travel times and transportation options, and how the facility handles an emergency.

Ultimately, choosing the right care setting is a decision that can only be made by you, and Fenix Group hopes you are able to find the facility that is best for you or your loved one, even if it’s not with us.

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