Our goal is to provide therapy for those clients in need while attending the program. Providing in house therapy allows clients continual care creating an atmosphere of security and builds self-confidence.

This service provides evaluation, assessment, training, and/or treatment to Division members and is designed to maintain or improve participation and independence. This service shall develop and train members and their caregivers in therapeutic activities in order for the member and caregivers to be able to implement the activities throughout the member’s day (referred to as a “home program”). Evaluation, assessment, training, and treatment are based on outcomes identified in the member’s planning document

[e.g., Individual Support Plan (“ISP”)].

Service Goals

  1. To address the member’s unique skills in the following areas:
    • 1.1 Fine motor;
    • 1.2 Sensorimotor including sensory processing/sensory integration;
    • 1.3 Oral motor/eating (feeding);
    • 1.4 Reflexes/muscle tone and other neurodevelopmental functions;
    • 1.5 Functional living skills including socio-emotional developmental needs; and
    • 1.6 Equipment needs including adaptation and/or modification.
  2. To support and enhance the member’s ability to participate in activities, routines, and events
  3. of everyday life.
  4. To assist the member and the family/caregivers in supporting the member’s development and participation to incorporate learning opportunities throughout the existing daily routine.