Developmental Home Program

Fenix Group’s Developmental Home Program will assist Providers in acquiring and maintaining a license to provide care in their home for adults or children with developmental disabilities. We will be there every step of the way during the licensing process for any questions, concerns, or difficulties you may be experiencing. We are committed to being your number one support and promise to provide quality services to our members and providers.

Adult Developmental Home (ADH)

Adult Developmental Home Providers open their homes to individuals over 18 with varying disabilities, and welcome them as part of the family. These providers focus on teaching independent living skills and life skills in order to provide the member with a life that is as independent and fulfilling as possible.  Providers will also assist with individual’s specific needs such as distributing their medication, making sure they meet their appointments, and monitoring their dietary needs.

Child Developmental Home (CDH)

Child Developmental Home Providers will care for children under the age of 18 who cannot live with their biological family members for various reasons. A CDH Provider will open their home to a child with a developmental disability  providing a loving, caring, and stable environment. CDH Provider provides stability to children while they are separated from their family or awaiting adoption.

At Fenix Group, we believe in providing a supportive environment that sets the Provider and Member up for success. We believe in teamwork and providing a strong support base to our Developmental Home Providers.

Developmental Homes Inquiry

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