DTAClients enjoy the relaxing classroom atmosphere enabling positive learning and participation in a multitude of various functional living skills through role modeling, education, music, games and community activities.

Social Skills: Role modeling and teaching appropriate interactions with others.

Home Maintenance Skills: Teaching, demonstrating and hands-on day to day in areas such as washing/drying dishes, laundry, vacuuming and more.

Personal Care Skills: Discussion and exercises pertaining to fitness, personal hygiene, appropriate dress, healthy eating, etc.

Safety Awareness Skills: A significant portion of our client’s daily lives is being aware of what could possibly harm them in any area of their lives. Teaching, role playing and putting to practice numerous situations that clients need to prepare for and be equipped to properly handle those situations is critical.

Problem Solving Skills

Personal Safety

Community Safety Awareness

Emergency Situations

Home Safety

Self-Empowerment: Educating clients on their rights and encouraging clients on how to advocate for their needs themselves through discussions and role playing meetings.

Fundamental Education: As we continually focus on individual needs teaching in the areas of basic reading, writing and mathematics, and money management is important in retaining any knowledge that has been obtained. Depending upon various levels of learning all fundamentals are taught up to and including G.E.D. preparation.

Arts & Crafts: Not only are arts and crafts enjoyable they also develops individual creativity and imagination along with maintaining gross and fine motor skills using a variety of multi-sensory materials.

Community Activities: Clients participate in a variety of community activities while expanding their level of experiences. While in the community clients will develop and learn many of their individual social skills goals that are taught in the classroom.