Adult Day Treatment and Training (DTA)

Our Day Training for Adults Program is ideal for high school graduates and adults* with developmental disabilities. Our clients enjoy the relaxing structure of the Fenix Group atmosphere where they are encouraged to participate in a variety of positive enrichment activities. We develop an individualized care plan with goals for each client and provide opportunities to practice and reinforce daily living skills, socialization skills, and personal growth.

A variety of individual, small group, and large group activities are presented in a fun, relaxed setting to encourage and support our clients. Our daily routine provides the emotional space for role-playing, modeling, education, music, art, games, and community activities that encourage learning and growth.

Activities & Skills Development

Throughout our daily routine, clients are given a flexible structure they can depend on that allows them the time and encouragement to work on skills and build confidence.

  • Social skills: practice appropriate interactions and situations through role-playing and modeling
  • Daily living skills: through teaching, demonstration, and hands-on practice, skills for greater independence are gained (washing/drying dishes, laundry, household chores, cooking a meal, making purchases, etc.)
  • Personal care skills: practice and discuss fitness, personal hygiene, appropriate dress, healthy eating and more
  • Safety awareness skills: role-playing and practice increase clients’ abilities to identify critical situations, problem solve, and react appropriately to emergency situations
  • Self-empowerment skills: education on personal rights and how to self-advocate is crucial for building confidence
  • Arts & crafts exploration: develop creativity and imagination, refine gross and fine motor skills, and explore individual talents with multi-sensory materials
  • Community activities: expand experience and develop social skills in real-world situations

In addition to the various skills opportunities, Fenix Group focuses on education and future possibilities. Whatever has been gained in reading, writing, mathematics, and money management is reinforced, and we also work toward G.E.D. preparation when appropriate. Volunteer opportunities and employment training are also explored as individuals are able to participate.

Class Descriptions

Basic Communication/Literacy (BCL)
This class will focus on basic communication skills and speaking in front of various audiences. Students will learn how to positively critique individuals after a presentation/movie. Class will also focus on reading various literary books and create a play to perform in front of an audience.

Basic Newspaper News (BNN)
This class will teach students how to maneuver through local newspapers to find pertinent information that affects our daily lives. Class will have whole group discussions on what is happening in our community and in the world. Students will create group posters and discuss. By the end of this class, students will learn to work with others in a group setting and learn the basics of creating a personal newspaper.

It’s All About Life! (LS1)
This class will focus on managing a personal calendar and its importance to our daily and social activities. Students will create and learn strategies to manage their calendar. They will learn to independently, or with minimal assistance, manage the priorities of appointments, special and/or social events.

Links to Learning (ART)
This class will teach students different art techniques, including: color wheel, line art, sponge art, stencils, etc. Students will create pieces of art which will be displayed at the end of the quarter in the art show.

Program Hours & Transportation

The Day Training for Adults Program operates year round, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Fenix Group offers transportation to the program and then home, though some restrictions may apply. Please speak with your coordinator for more details.

Arrange a Tour

Learning, practice, and development don’t stop at any age. Fenix Group is committed to providing quality experiences for adults with developmental disabilities. For more information on the Day Training for Adults Program, please call us to schedule a personal tour. Bring your questions, check out our facility, meet the staff, and explore the possibilities.

*Some young adults under the age of 22 may be more comfortable in the After School Children’s Program transition group. Please call to discuss the placement options that will best meet the individual’s needs.