Children’s After School Program (DTT)

Fenix Group works to maintain low staff to client ratios (about 1 staff member for every 4 clients), although one-to-one situations may be provided in some situations. We match individual goals and needs to program offerings to help each client achieve their potential. Success is found during the process of working together and progress is celebrated.

Specifically created for school-aged children between 7-17 years old with developmental disabilities, our After School Day Treatment & Training Program provides an ideal environment for our young clients to learn, grow, and explore their abilities. From homework help and physical activities to social interaction practice and art, our clients enjoy the process of developing gross and fine motor skills, communication skills, grooming habits, and so much more. Skills enrichment activities are essential for meeting personal goals.

Activities may include:

  • Computer lab
  • Consumer field trips (library, mall, movies, etc.)
  • Cooking and nutrition classes
  • Music experience
  • Artistic expression

With patience, encouragement, and support, Fenix Group clients continue to gain confidence as they achieve their goals.

A Word About Goals & Transitions

Goals are highly individual and change with a client’s age, progress in school and at home, and as personal preferences emerge. As adulthood comes closer, older teens with developmental disabilities confront more complex situations. With guidance from family, friends, and Fenix Group, our teen clients (roughly 17 to 22 years old) work toward personal goals and the development of independent living skills.

Goals may include:

  • Personal grooming habits
  • Getting dressed, including buttoning shirts and pants, tying shoelaces, etc.
  • Selecting something in a store and making a purchase in person
  • Developing healthy peer relationships
  • Basic cooking skills

Program Hours
The After School Program hours may vary according to individual school release time, but generally the program runs from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the school year. Special arrangements may be made for extended hours, school holidays, and early release days (usually covered by private pay or authorized respite service payment). Please speak with your coordinator for more information.

To help our clients and their families, Fenix Group offers transportation from school to the program and then home (some restrictions may apply). Special arrangements may be made for extended hours, school holidays, and early release days. Please speak with your coordinator for more information.

Arrange a Tour
For more information on how Fenix Group’s After School Program and Transitions Program may benefit your child, please call us to schedule a personal tour. Bring your questions, check out our facility, meet the staff, and explore the possibilities.