Our Beliefs

Fenix Group believes that everyone’s unique qualities should be celebrated. We feel we have a duty to empower those we serve to achieve their chosen goals. Our motto, “Rising to Success” is achieved through nurturing, encouraging, and educating those we serve. We are committed to providing exciting and creative programs for adults and children. Our adult day program, vocational program, children’s after school and summer programs encourage individuals to use their strengths by promoting independence through positive reinforcements and guided learning. Fenix Group is continually developing supportive programs to enhance our member’s abilities for their future accomplishments.

We are very excited to announce that we have recently opened our licensing department for Adult and Child Developmental Homes. This program is brand new to our Agency and we look forward to supporting you from start to finish during the licensing process, as well as, being your biggest support as you continue to foster members in your home. We offer competitive rates and referral bonuses.

Our Services

  • Adult Day Program
    Creative and Supportive Program based on positive reinforcement and socialization
  • Group Supported Employment
    Progressive training for future employment with multiple community enclaves to promote a range of skill development
  • Transportation
    Transportation to and from all programs provided
  • Children’s After-School Program
    Structured program with an emphasis on socialization and creative education promoting a comfortable and fun learning environment
  • Children’s Summer Program
    Active play, socialization games and exciting community outings
  • Respite
    In-home or community excursions for families needing additional support
  • Developmental Homes
    Quality, compassionate foster homes for children and adults with the aim of increasing daily living skills and self-sufficiency in a comfortable and care-driven environment

Our Core Values

  • Increasing social skills and supporting social relationships
  • Devotion to respectful care and individual goal achievement
  • Optimizing community involvement
  • Creating positive and motivating learning activities and events
  • Providing opportunities to promote optimal independence
  • Dedication to exceptional and continuous program development and improvement
  • Promoting strong team collaboration to ensure environmental consistency and positive communication